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Things That Could Hinder Your Fitness Goals

Even if you are physically active and eats well, you may be wondering why you’re still unfit and unhealthy. But what you need to realize is that in the road to good health and fitness, there are some things that we frequently ignore and overlook, even though these things could have adverse effects.

1 – Sleep Deprivation

Energy is something the body needs and can never live without. The best way to keep and maintain energy in the body to be used for physical activities is to get enough sleep every single night. But if you are not able to get enough sleep, say at least seven hours a day, you deprive your body of rest; rest that is essential for keeping your energy levels high in the morning. What happens then is that if the body does not have enough rest, you will find it difficult to perform the usual physical activities you do every day because you don’t have enough energy to perform them in the first place. Obviously, the lack of physical activity will in turn lead to weight gain.

2 – Digestion Issues

The body’s digestive system is one of the most overworked. In case your system has some issues, you might end up having fitness issues as well. Remember that once you eat, all the food your body consumes will have to go through a digestion process in order to be used up for energy and growth. But suffering from a specific type of digestive system problem like irritable bowel syndrome might very well lead to a lot of confusion in your body, and in this case, it might not be able to process food and nutrients the way it is supposed to. In this condition, all the food you’re eating will most likely be converted to waste. Without the necessary nutrients your body needs, you lose weight and lose it fast. If this happens to you in the future, you need to immediately find an irritable bowel syndrome treatment to stop you from dehydrating and losing more weight.

3 – You Happen to Own Flat Feet

Though it sounds funny, the fact is having flat feet actually contributes to slowing down your fitness progress. You go ahead and ask a physical therapist and you’ll get the same thought. If you don’t know it yet, having flat feet results to depression in the arches, which in turn could affect knee and ankle alignment. The ultimate effect is ankle and knee pain, which obviously will affect your ability to perform at your maximum level physically.

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