What to Expect When You Travel to Makassar

Upon thinking about Indonesian holiday, images of Bali’s tropical beaches are perhaps the first thing to pop on your mind. Well, you should travel to makassar and experience a not-so-regular vacation firsthand. Why? Well, the fact that you can only think about Bali when it comes to Indonesian holiday really speaks volume about how severely limited is your knowledge about the country. Just because a place isn’t overly featured and exposed by top travel websites or the likes, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the mention. And Makassar is an example of how overexposure to the topmost travel destinations can cause you to miss a truly unforgettable holiday adventure.

But don’t just rush yourself to travel to MakassarSulawesi yet. You would be in a lot of trouble if you go there unprepared, not because the place isn’t safe or something but the gap between the locals and a visitor is tremendous, especially when you are in fact coming from abroad. There are not enough people in Makassar who can speak English properly so miscommunication can happen a lot more frequently. And travel guides are scarce, if not none at all. Sure, you should be able to communicate conveniently with the staffs at a hotel but your Makassar holiday isn’t complete if you choose to just be confined inside your room. Therefore, it’d be wise to learn a few words to help your trip. Just the basic would be fine but makes sure you really understand numbers if you are to buy things that are not sold by anyone capable enough of understanding even the simplest English.

Your travel to makassar Sulawesi selatan should give you memorable events. Among other things:

  1. Experience cradling a rooster

To be able to get this kind of experience, you should head to PasirPutih Island, just a 15-minute of boat trip away from Makassar’s most popular beach, Losari. Be aware though, the island is somewhat isolated from all the modernity gracing Makassar that the people there cannot even understand the simplest form of Indonesian language. They are open toward visitors, nonetheless, and you can take cute photos with a rooster in your arms.

  1. Stay at budget hotels with 5-star accommodations

A $50/night hotel in Makassar has already boasted features such as a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a swimming pool.

  1. Enjoy Malino

If you look up “Malino”, chances are you won’t find anything suggesting the littlest hint about this hill town. Being less visited, it’s difficult to find any documentation about this place. It takes about 2 hours to get to Malino from Makassar. The town itself is nothing sort of extraordinary but it is its tea plantation that takes the cake. To get to the plantation, you need to go on for another 20 minutes. Along the way, you can stop by a recreational park peppered with tall trees and equipped with facilities for activities such as flying foxes and paintball.

  1. Take in the plantation’s view

The road between Makassar and the tea plantation in Malino spans for about 90km. But once you made it through, you would be presented with a breathtaking view with the freshest air you can think. The plantation is located so high uphill that it is literally covered by clouds.

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